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Ibiza Real state

Ibiza is one of the most desirable places in the world for property and luxury villas buyers and investors. In recent years, visitors to the island for this type of luxury travelling from all over the world have increased greatly with the hope and intention of finding their dream home to buy or acquire on the White Island. This has led to a big spread of real state agencies selling and renting villas in Ibiza.

With privileged settings by the sea, some villas have their own private pier, like those found in Porroig; or on top of a mountain surrounded by pine trees and nature with stunning views of the neighbouring island of Formentera; an enormous range of possibilities and enclaves where to buy or build the dreamed luxury property in Ibiza. Just leave it in the hands of a specialist who can guide you through the steps to follow to avoid making a fatal mistake in acquiring a property that could be illegally built or lacking all necessary permissions. Contact our technical team specialised in selling luxury villas in Ibiza and Formentera. In Ibiza Lux Services we will advise you on getting the home you always dreamed of with no obligation.

Many of these homes end up as holiday rentals, given the high demand that is taking place on the island for this type of properties and luxury villas for rent. Ibiza city, and its surroundings, is the most demanded area due to its proximity to nightlife areas and the comfort of being close to the services for people who come to Ibiza for a holiday: restaurants, nightclubs, supermarkets or just a chic place to have a good breakfast.

By renting villas or cottages, buyers try to recoup some of the costs of maintaining a house of this kind, forcing them to hire service staff, house keepers and gardeners to look after extensive gardens, often designed by famous landscape designers, and carry a huge water consumption and maintenance. Many of these homes have no scoring and are forced to consume water brought by truck for domestic use or for watering the garden and filling a pool of tens of thousands of litres.

Over a certain number of friends or family it is more profitable to rent a private house in Ibiza than staying at a hotel. Many people find it more comfortable and intimate to stay in a villa rental than in a hotel or farmhouse accommodation where one is well served, but with no kitchen and other comforts and freedoms that can only be enjoyed in a private home.

As for recommended places to buy a villa in Ibiza, it depends a little on what you are looking for; if peace and quiet is desired, it is convenient to be away from Ibiza town and the nightlife areas, which increases the chances of getting something reasonably priced, as the area close to downtown is the most expensive having the highest demand.

Either on the east, in the San Carlos area, with good beaches nearby like Cala Nova or Aguas Blancas, or in the Santa Eulalia area, which has all the necessary services, like port, supermarkets, health centres…, all choices are good.

If one prefers the west in order to be near the magical sunsets that take place every day on the island, good options are Cala Conta, San Agustin, Cala Vedella or Cala Carbo. If in this area, we suggest trying to find a home that not only has sunset views, but also to the island of Es Vedra, which is a bonus, and therefore obviously noticeable in the purchase price.

The north is the farthest point from everything, to put it in some way, as it is relatively far from any of the three major cities on the island, and lacking the most desirable services to have at a minimum distance. Now of course, it has the advantage that it is where is cheapest to buy. San Miguel, Benirrás, Portinaxt and San Juan are the villages with lowest price index.

Finally, if you prefer to be near the hub where the main nightlife on the island is, having a house overlooking Formentera and the salt lakes in Ibiza, and intend to rent the house for weeks or the summer season, it is best to buy near Ibiza. There are good areas on top with good views of the walled city and skyline in Cap Martinet, Jesus or Sa Carroca that are just five minutes from the city and the harbour area.

In case one prefers to invest in a flat or an apartment, the best zone is undoubtedly the Avenida Joan Carles I, a beachfront promenade overlooking the port of Marina Ibiza and Marina Botafoch, with the old town of Ibiza in the background surrounded by its walls. This area has many restaurants for dinner, the Pacha nightclub within a walking distance and considerable advantage for boat lovers who want to rent a boat charter during their holidays in Ibiza, as the port is by the home door.