Ibiza Wins 2017 Traveler’s Choice Award for Best Beaches

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Ibiza Wins 2017 Traveler’s Choice Award for Best Beaches

Last month Ibiza won a 2017 Traveler’s Choice award for Top 10 Beaches in Spain for beautiful Cala Comte on its northwestern shore.

Cala Comte has shallow blue and turquoise waters which are kept crystal clear by the constant flow of the sea currents in the area. The beach has a breathtaking view over the sunset across the water of several islands and small coves nearby.

Standing on the beach, you can see the small islands of S’Espartar Illa des Bosc and Sa Conillera. The western side of the beach is a popular destination for families, while the eastern side is an unofficial nude beach.

If you choose to drive your Ibiza luxury car rental to this beach be sure to park it at the car park behind the headland on the cliff tops. Just be sure you get there early in the summer months to be sure you get a spot.

TripAdvisor had this to say about the gorgeous Ibiza beach on its 2017 Traveler’s Choice award page: “Just the right place. Good sand and good waters. Maybe the best beach of Ibiza.”

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site in the world, with more than 300 million members and annual revenues of $1.5 billion.

This wasn’t Ibiza’s first accolade from the yearly TripAdvisor.com awards. Last year, Ibiza was awarded Top 10 Best Islands in Spain with this description:

“Ibiza: Old Spanish for ‘party ’til you drop.’ Perhaps not literally, but this is definitely one of Europe’s favorite nightlife playgrounds. Ibiza boasts more than 100 miles of coastline with some 50 beaches, plus plenty of restaurants, bars, and water sports—and clubs, of course.”

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